How has violence been growing in Rio de Janeiro?

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Pie Charts and How To Replace Them.

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Before We Start

Why You Shouldn’t Use Pie Charts

From a worldwide, Canadian and Brazilian perspective

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An intro to Pandas Profiling.

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Before we start

Easing your EDA

Understanding the Airbnb situation in Toronto by analyzing data handled for free by the company itself.

Image from UrbToronto, edited by me

Goal of the Project

  • Understand the popularity of Airbnb in Toronto.
  • Analyze the most expensive areas, most popular types of rooms, reviews and price/night average.
  • Show some of the Airbnb Legal Issues in Toronto.
  • Teach how to handle missing data and outliers.

Before we start…

Introduction to Airbnb

Easier than ever

The best option to be used as a data science notebook

Vinicius Porfirio Purgato

I’m a data scientist who loves to teach, learn and share my knowledge.

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